Wetlands rehabilitation programme in South Africa

Date: Friday, 5 June 2015

Start Time: 13:15
End Time: 14:45


(77) Wetlands rehabilitation programme in South Africa

This side event will provide an overview of the working for wetlands programme as a partnership approach to the rehabilitation, protection and sustainable use of wetlands. This is a joint initiative of the Departments of Environmental Affairs, Water Affairs and Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Working for Wetlands programme is housed at the South African Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). The Working for Wetlands is based on key interlinked concepts that ensure effective and sustainable wetland rehabilitation: Wetland protection, wise use and rehabilitation, Skills and capacity development, Co-operative governance and partnerships, Research and knowledge sharing; and Communication, education and public awareness. In the 12 years since its inception, the programme has invested R530 million (approximately USD 60 million) in rehabilitation of 906 wetlands, thereby improving or securing the health of more than 70, 000 hectares of the wetland area. Rehabilitation projects undertaken range from stabilising degradation to the more ambitious restoration of wetlands to their original condition. The social benefits provided by working for Wetlands programmes include employment, training, enterprise development and the dignity of decent work.

Lead organization: Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa
Language: English
Room: Caribe


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