Wetlands and Agriculture

Date: Monday, 8 June 2015

Start Time: 13:15
End Time: 14:45


(56) Wetlands and Agriculture

During this side event we will re-visit Ramsar’s Resolution VIII.34 on agriculture, wetlands and water resources, adopted in 2002, which aims to minimise negative agricultural impacts on wetlands, and to demonstrate sustainable use of wetlands for the production of food, fodder and technical crops. Despite the increasing recognition of wetland values and functions, wetland destruction and degradation still continues. Re-integration of wetlands into agricultural lands is rather rare and intensification of farming practises continues to have many negative impacts on wetlands and water resources elsewhere. The Ramsar’s Resolution VIII.34 on agriculture, wetlands and water resources provides an opportunity to the Ramsar Contracting Parties to address this problem. However, the so-needed transformation of current farming practices into a more eco-friendly and sustainable farming approach needs to be supported by technical/scientific guidance on best practices. Questions to help develop the guidance will be addressed in the side event session:

• What are the key issues agriculture should improve to reduce its impact on wetlands?
• Do we have examples of multifunctional agro-ecosystems managed to provide a broad range of ecosystem services and of restoration of wetlands to provide functions and services in agricultural areas?
• Do we have useful incentives and good examples how to bring all stakeholders in the food production chain and nature conservation together?
• Do we have good examples of legislation that include wetlands in agriculture lands?

We will share and exchange experience with the side event participants and have brief presentations

Lead organization: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Language: English
Room: Barriloche

Location/Room: Barriloche,