Conservation of Mediterranean island wetlands

Date: Friday, 5 June 2015

Start Time: 18:15
End Time: 19:45


(49) Conservation of Mediterranean island wetlands

The side event aims to support Ramsar Draft Resolution XII.14 Conservation of Mediterranean Basin island wetlands submitted by Greece. It will provide an opportunity to reflect on the proposed Draft Resolution, share knowledge on and experience addressing key issues concerning small Mediterranean island wetlands, such as vulnerability and mitigation measures, and present lessons learned that can be useful and more or less evenly applied by Ramsar Contracting Parties in and around the Mediterranean.

The following results are anticipated:
• Sharing the experience of WWF Greece acquired from the 9th year inventory project Conservation of the Island Wetlands of Greece (2004-2013).
• Promotion of a discussion on how Mediterranean Countries could cooperate in order to record and conserve the Mediterranean Basin Island Wetlands

Lead organization: Greece
Language: English
Room: Barriloche Catering

Location/Room: Barriloche,