Clean Energy Ministerial 6 (CEM6)
27-28 May 2015 - Mérida, MX
The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) is a high-level global forum created to improve energy efficiency worldwide, enhance clean energy supply and expand clean energy access. The Sixth CEM (CEM6) will bring together energy ministers and other high-level delegates from the 23 participating CEM governments to assess the CEM’s progress to date and identify the critical next steps for accelerating the transition to a global clean energy economy. CEM6 will also focus on how to increase the CEM’s effectiveness and ambition, going forward. It will be an opportunity for CEM member governments to demonstrate how they can implement key policies and strategies to help meet national clean energy goals. CEM6 is expected to show how the CEM can contribute to a successful outcome for the climate change negotiations in Paris in December 2015.